2. Finding myself in the rat race

Get yourself some popcorn, this is going to be LONG!

While attached with an IT giant as their Technical Manager, I implemented a end user quality support grid and a workforce management system across the company globally. Also I splurged on the bar next door (maxed out 2 credit cards at least 3 times in a few months).

Party night with the guys!

In 2013, the company had declared some losses and needed to call out measures for cost savings. The obvious measures was reduce workforce. I was the last manager hired, so I was the first target on the chopping despite the effort I had put in.

Well since I was jobless with a few maxed out credit cards and no savings, I had to take up the first job offer that came up my way during the economic slowdown. I pretty much had to start all over again from scratch with a 75% pay cut, and survived on instant noodles for sometime to clear out some credit card debts and to stretch out some debts to avoid bankruptcy.

I cleared my credit cards and took up a new job as a manager, leading the biggest departments in the organization. Years later there was a political struggle among the top leaders and I was sucked into this power struggle.

My favorite thank you note
One of my favorite tq note given by someone leaving the company

Hating the thought of the power struggle(I completely dislike office politics), I gave up and moved to another leader in the service industry, again running the biggest department within the whole organization in the country. I loved the adrenaline rush of setting up several new businesses for the department, constant problems and rush, collaboration with other departments. Together with a trusted team we structured a very successful operations. There are colleagues and staffs who till date that appreciate me for the culture I had designed together with the team. Being with this team was as though I was involved every aspect of the organization except payroll and marketing. I loved my job!😍.

There was ONE (Just one! 😒) time during my history with the company I had a breakdown which impacted work life (Never has this happened in all my career). I lost momentum for a short time span which was a little too long before being able pull myself back up. There was already a change in top leadership by the time I could pull myself back up. Together with the change came a new vision from driving a successful business to protecting and growing a clan of friends. Despite efforts to move me out as well and replace me with someone within the circle I still held on.

Silent retreat Garden of Gospel in Bangkok,
Taken from Garden of Gospel Website

With everything that was happening, for the weirdest reason I found myself on a 1 week Silent Spiritual Retreat in Thailand (Something I ‘now’ recommend to everyone), personally this was the best break I have ever had in my entire life.

It was here that I realized that

  • 75% of my friends are from my work network.
  • Most my interactions with another human has been about work itself.
  • I have
    • Only been working for the money and career and not to live.
    • Always been insecure with my job and career, with the fear of losing it.
    • Not lived a day since I started working.
    • Not done all the things I have always wanted to do like camping, solo travel, be in a relationship and live my spiritual life.

Blessed and fortunate I was, that it only took me 17 years and one spiritual retreat (Which I could have done ages ago🤔) to realize “Yes I was stuck in the rat race!!!”.

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