3. Heart and mind at war to escape the rat race?

Check out my earlier post to know how I found my self in the Rat Race.

So a little over 17 years after accumulating a nice handsome over the mountain debt, I learnt that I was stuck in the rat race. I am not happy nor have I lived and experienced life to its fullness. Not in my 20’s anymore (NO!!! I am not old!😒).

I have lived working in the same industry all my adult life and do not know much on all the other things I could still do. However now I need to make that exit plan from this race. I now need to relearn skills and knowledge that I have unlearned in the last 17+ years. Also since I am no longer in my 20’s this learning the unlearned curve will need to be a crash course. Its a headache, time consuming and I need lots of patience (I have the most horrific level of patience).

Weapons I used to make a decision

After my spiritual retreat, my heart had decided quit this race cycle. However my logical brain kept kicking in. My heart and brains were at war with each other. The mind kept asking if I should do this?. I had to satisfy both my heart and mind. I remember sitting under a tree on the beach one sunny day and I came up with various tables and reasoning.

Contemplating life decisions with mother nature and a swing
Contemplating life decisions with mother nature and a swing
Making life decisions on excel, how can it ever go wrong.
Some reasoning I made to make the decision

Yup, I must be crazy! I scored higher to just be comfortable with wherever I am but I still went on the opposite direction. Being ‘content with myself’ and ‘Feeling guilty for not TRYING’ carried more weight than what is shown on the table. So now I’ve started this journey where I will be experimenting if I can be successful at racing against the rat race.

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  • Living a life experiencing the time I have lost.

For the benefit of a audience I will keep my spiritual calling and journey out of this blog and will maintain a separate blog for this purpose.

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