1. Who am I?

This is Alister, not Alistar, not Alistair, not Allstar but I don’t mind being a movie star one day (If you are a movie director and you need a comedian, you know who to call).

Started a job years (20years?) ago which gave me nightmares for the first 3 months and made a successful career out of it. Sold my heart, mind and soul for a 5 figure monthly paycheck to get caged into a rat race. Experienced a lifestyle to realize that I have not experienced life.

This is Alister, he is a very nice person and he is also and AWESOME person. You can call him King Alister!

I started my career in 2002(I think so) and ever since then it has been nothing but work work and more work. Life was good with a successful career, good enough that before the age of 30 I was earning a 5 figure month over month paycheck, I was loved by almost everyone who I was worked with. At a point of my career I was leading over 500 people under my leadership and with a handsome paycheck I was able to 

  • Comfortably ‘invest‘ mortgages for 2 properties in the city.
  • Rent a beautiful 3 bedroom apartment with a clear view of the seaside.
  • A healthy insurance plan (My niece better be good to me).
  • Own a simple car (I was never a person who was passionate about luxurious cars but if you are planning to donate a Land Rover to me…I am not complaining).
  • Owned a nice sleek looking cruiser (With very minor upgrades for comfort).
  • A 5 figure personal loan which I still do not understand why I have it.
  • Several credit cards(Successfully maxed them out a few times).
  • Blessed not to have any outstanding with my monthly commitments.

After spending my whole paycheck on paying bills and loans, I still had a sufficient amount of balance to splurge on Friday Nights with colleagues (Sometimes Fridays nights comes on Monday).

I loved my job, If there was one thing that I miss from working life, it has to be the psychotic team I always knew I can rely on at all times, each time they never failed put a smile on my face. Whats surprising is that while I loved the calmness of mother nature I do miss the adrenaline rush and mental workout of running a large scale operations.

My motto for work has always been “Never work for money, work for a career and money will come looking for you” I guess that is when I subconsciously already put myself in the rat race. As I grew up the ladder I had to prove that I was not only AWESOME but I needed to be liked by everyone, to an extent of times that I would stay up at work for 16hours a day because I had to spend the earlier part of my day pleasing people and not finish my work.

I realized that I was stuck in a rat race where we are continuously trying to be the better person and at no cost can you allow another to be better at you.

  • I had to at all times be on top of my game. 
  • Very frequently the only discussion I would have with anyone would be about work itself. 
  • Many of the times I was also insecure not knowing who is standing behind me and their intentions.
  • Even ended up with failed relationships because I was chasing a career and work had become my life.

So who am I? I’m just another lost soul who loves the calmness of nature, his alcohol and a complete beginner at fighting the Rat Race. Now embarking on a new journey to experience life, discovering new skills, happiness and to ultimately break the rat race cycle and race the rat itself.

Come subscribe and be a part of this adventure drop me a note so your thoughts, ideas, questions to add more value to those who are giving up on this race as well.

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