Malaysian Workforce vs The Job Market

Sharing what I identified from one of my projects, a career portal I had some friends who got retrenched recently, which pushed me to publish this site despite it being incomplete. I realized that the fact that the job market is bad is not entirely true. Probably some industries may not have a future for Malaysians, but the job market still has many opportunities. The real challenges that the Malaysian workforce are experiencing is their comfort zone. This could lead to bigger issues including increased unemployment rate & dependency on foreign workforce. We have always heard that the job market is bad and this is not entirely true. Tune on to the video to understand the real problem & what we need to do to immediately address this.

Summarizing Malaysian Workforce vs The Job Market

The challenges are

  1. Employees are working for money and not career growth.
  2. Employees are in their comfort zone and not on par with new business needs.

We need to urgently act on the 2nd challenge to keep up with businesses adapting with their competitors. Those still employed must look at new business needs skill up to remain relevant in the job market. Take up courses online or over the weekend take advantage of installment plans and invest on knowledge. IF the unemployed has some additional cash reserves, take up a new skill relevant to the market and not be idle.

If an employee looks at being employed for the next 10+ years, employee must invest on building their knowledge and skills.

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